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Technical SEO

One should have a complex approach to his websites because a good content won’t rank if the site has structural or technical issues or let’s say is not even user-friendly.

Due to a good specialist of technical SEO you can ensure that your website is easy to navigate, is free of technical issues that prevent your site appearing in search results and has no structural issues that make your user bounce from your site.

Technical SEO involves the optimization of the infrastructure of your website, ensuring it is easily crawled and indexed by search engines. It deals with technical components such as, robots.txt, sitemap, schema markup data, URL structures, site navigation, breadcrumbs, canonical tags, hreflang and more. All these mentioned components are not less important than the content of your site, because it does not matter what design or content you rendered if users can’t access or navigate in your website.

Why technical SEO matters

Technical SEO is something you should definitely take seriously. Are you sure your website is mobile friendly? Did you know that more users are browsing the internet on their smartphones? And this is only one example. So, what are the other technical factors and what does technical SEO do?


Technical SEO helps to:


  • Ensure your website is mobile -friendly and that users can access your site from any device

  • Ensure your website loads fast for all the users

  • Follow Search Engine’s best practices for website optimization

  • Ensure the website is easily crawlable and indexable by search engines

  • Ensure you do not have intrusive elements of aggressive pop ups that make users bounce from your site

  • Make your site easy for navigation, to help the users to quickly find what they need

  • Keep the website secure and safe

  • Create well-optimised URLs

  • Detect and remove all broken internal and external links

  • Find the best structured data for your business website and make implementations

  • Include Robot.txt and sitemap to help search engines save their crawl budget and show which links need to be indexed

At Vimesco Solutions the first thing we do is a full technical audit of your website and detection of all issues. This is a thorough audit to unmask all the issues such as

  • Blocked pages in robots.txt

  • Outdated, redirected or broken pages in XML sitemap

  • Pages with incorrect use of noindex tag

  • Non secure pages

  • Broken internal and outgoing links

  • Wrong redirections

  • Duplicate content

  • The wrong use of canonical tags

  • Orphan pages

  • Unoptimized page titles or meta descriptions

  • Poor navigation

  • Issues with breadcrumbs

  • Unoptimized URL structures

  • Broken links in Javascript

  • Slow loading pages

  • Unoptimized images


Besides these important points we will also include in the audit the backlink profile analysis, which strives to define the quality of your backlinks. After the analysis we can come up with the recommendation of disavowing and prepare the list of low-quality links if necessary. We will also conduct full web vitals analysis to help you define the reasons for the low-speed score. We will also come up with the solutions to decrease the bounce rate of your website and increase the session duration.


One and only technical SEO won’t get you on the top of Google but ignoring it will guarantee that doesn’t happen. A slow and spammy website will prevent you from achieving your digital marketing goals. This is why we encourage you to take technical SEO seriously and start with finding your trustworthy digital company that will help you rank higher.

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