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Link building and Digital PR

Link building is the process of finding high-quality and relevant websites and increasing the number of internal links to your website. Google and other search engines consider backlinks as a recommendation to the content of your website, and the more people recommend your content or your service through external links, the more trustworthy your site becomes in the eyes of Search Engines.

Not only high-quality backlinks have an impact on your rankings but they are also used to discover new web pages. Imagine Google is crawling a website and discovers different web pages including yours which helps it to come across your website more often. Even despite Google’s ever-changing algorithms and core updates one factor remains as important as before and that is the importance of having a strong backlink profile. Link building is essential for the success of your website since search engines put so much importance in links and it has become almost impossible to rank higher without acquiring high-quality backlinks.


Link building with Vimesco Solutions


We have a responsible approach to our job because we understand that link building has to be an important process that will help your site to rank higher, have beneficial effects on your brand awareness and accordingly increase your organic traffic.

Our Link Building strategy aims to

  • Conduct backlink profile analysis, increase and improve the number of backlinks to your website.

  • Create a unique approach and strategy for your business type to acquire backlinks from high-quality websites.

We begin with analyzing the website’s backlink profile. In this step we also create the list of bad and spammy links to disavow them. The next step is to define our goals. This is an important and crucial step because every success starts with an organized strategy. We do understand that every client has different preferences and goals and that each industry is different. This is why our plan is being customized according to the client’s business needs.

Finding relevant and valuable prospects for link building seems to be an easy job, but every result rich work requires intense research and a responsible approach. We work hard to come up with best link building opportunities, outreach them and make offers that will be mutually beneficial.
The whole process is designed to increase your brand awareness and organic traffic. The more traffic you receive from relevant websites the more chances you have to obtain potential customers, which, in its turn, leads to more sales.

Thus you do not only get highly qualified referral traffic from those other websites but also sell more products and services, generating revenue from a new avenue.

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